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IEC C20 Jack - Snap-In Panel Mount
This IEC AC Power Inlet Jack is used on 20 AMP circuits. It is differentiated from a regular IEC jack because it has horizontal blades. This power jack accepts NEMA IEC C19 Plugs. This jack is made to snap in to a panel with a maximum thickness of 0.08"

Đầu hàn C20

It has the following features:
IEC C20 Jack (Male Pins)
Rating: 250VAC / 20A
1/4" (.250") Blade / "Fast-On" terminals or Solder tabs for 18awg wire
This jack will snap fit into an opening with the following dimensions: .95" High x 1.25" Wide.
QTY: 1 x IEC C20 Jack - Snap-In Panel Mount)

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